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Taking A LVL 10 NPC

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Taking A LVL 10 NPC

Post by captara on Tue Sep 08 2009, 22:20

I copied this from a friend. This is not mine. Its has worked for me but others i am sure can add to it. Cheers

Level 10 Takedown

Ideal troop numbers

250k warriors
200k archers
5-10k ballista
1 k catapults
2k transports
an assortmnent of all else 150 pikes/swords/cavalry

I say ideal cos I have done this with more warriors (like 400k) and less archers(like 120k)
but the losses were greater and it took longer as the the waves has less impact.

Ideal positioning

The lvl 10 is 1 space away in a direct line
Second best? The lvl 10 is 1 space away diagonally.

You cannot maintain a decent cycle of attacks with any greater distance, and the regeneration
between the waves you *can* send and maintain will kill you.

The alternative is that you assist another player who is perfectly positioned and decide between you
the timing and responsibilities - it is possible to take a 10 with one welltimed attack if the other
player has brought the lotalty to zero and cannot take it themselves.

Ideal preparation

Get the troops built, or what you can to contribute to the attack.

You can leave them spread out between cities, but figure out how long it will take to move them to your attack position and be ready to do so when needed. Especially if corordinating with another player, their food costs and timing can be critical.

Read this guide and ask questions if you don't understand anything (before you launch the attack LOL)

Get some food built up - maintaining a full attack army can cost up to 2mill/hour for the launch city -
be aware of this, and the food costs for sending troops between cities etc. You don't want to find in the middle of a takedown that you don't have enough food to finish!

Get your heros trained - you are going to need 9 of them (from a lvl 9 rally point) with the highest attack possible - all above 100 keeps your losses down. Know where they are and have them ready to move to the attack city in time.

If you are lucky enough to have a lvl 10 rally, then you will need 10 heros available.

Time this out - know your target and know exactly how long each type of wave will take to get there and return - ie run a mock attack with seige, then with warriors and archers (the main waves you will use) and with archers only (in case there is the opportunity to send an extra wave once the first returns). You have to know these numbers to figure out your timing.

Tmes to note - for a direct straignt line 1 space attack, the seige oneway takes 8.20, the warrior/archer waves 2.30

For a diagonal one space attack, the seige times are 11.47 and the warrior/archer waves are 3.32

Wave 1

My first wave was 92k archers, 2000 transports, 5300 balls, 700 cats
with a slight drop in the archers to allow a 100 piece rainbow of swords/pikes/cavalry etc
sent from a lvl 10 rally point though with a lvl 10 feasting hall
modify that for a lvl 9 rally point - drop it all by 10%
and use a war ensign if you have one and your best hero for this wave
without adequate seige you may kill this entire wave - don't cheat that portion.

Wave 2

50k warriors, 50 k archers (or 40/40 from a lvl 9) - land within 1 minute of the first, 30 secs is best
If you leave it longer than a minute the regen will bop you

wave 3 onwards

25-30k warriors and 10 k archers - split them up, what you have left, so the the next 6 waves are roughly equal ie if you have 180k warriors and 60k archers left after wave 2 is sent, send 1/6th of them per wave 30/10, with them timed to arrive at 1 minute intervals after wave 2. It is VERY tempting to send them all at once but if you do that, the delays before you can resend them again will be critical (and possibly fatal) The goal is to end up with a steady cycle of troops returning and
being relaunched so that you are attacking once per minute.

Note re timing again -if you look at the times above, if you are doing a diagonal takedown, the timing means that about 1 minute after you send wave 6, your wave 2 returns to be relaunched. If you are doing the straight takedown, you can gradually increase the frequency of the waves to one per 30-45 seconds as the return time is faster and you will have more troops available sooner.

Coordinating an attack with another player

If you are working with someone to do this, you need to talk and decide who is doing what with what resources and what timing.
Each player has to know exact times for send and return for all troop waves, and a start time has to be made, with both players committed to launch (troops and heros and food supplies) ready at that time. It is sometimes easier for the first takedown to start at a specific server time that makes the rest of the calculations easier. ie if you are doing a diagonal launch, consider sending the first wave
at 11.47 before the hour (ie at 18.48.13) so that you know that all your other attacks are to land after 1900, with the first at 1900.30, then at one minute intervals. For a straight line attack you can start at 8.20 before the hour (ie 1851.40) ane acheive the same effect.

When you are in the attack screen, there is a timer bottom right on that screen that lets you be very precise about the landing time for the wave you are about to send.

If you are doing the final attack to take from a player that has done the first section of the battle, and you are at a distance, you need to know these times. For a diagonal takedown, it takes roughly 50-54 attacks, and the whole process takes about 45 minutes from launch. So if you are coming
from far afield, you may have to launch the final attack before the main attacker starts to get there at the right time. The timing of a straight line attack is faster as you can increase the wave frequency - and takes more like 35 minutes from start to finish.

Other notes

SOmewhere in this flurry of sending attacks, don't forget to go to the medic camp and heal the casualties from wave 1 (where you will have the greatest losses - those troops healed may give you enough troops for an extra wave.)

Send the transports with the first wave - you will clear all the loot that way and end up with 19 mill food to finsh the battle. Return time for a diagonal take is 23.34 - they will be back while you are still fighting (for a straight line attack, return time is 16.40)

The lvl 10 does its regen about every 5 minutes - and out will pop more wall defenses and 40k warriors to beat again. You can try to figure out how to send a bigger wave every 5 minutes, or just know the losses (and the prestige gain LOL) will be higher on those waves.

The most common medal drops are with Wave 1 and 2 and the regen waves. I usually get 3-4 Justice and 3-4 nation medals per full attack, and have also got a script from wave 1. The total prestige gain for a full attack does depend on total losses, but expect around 3-4k per full takedown. Again, it is the first two waves that give the most prestige and the highest chance of a medal or script.

If you are wanting to participate but aren't fully set up, consider organising enough troops for wave 1, get the local player to runn the followup waves to decrease loyalty, then have a badkup wave to send to take the city. That way you get the loot, the prestige, the medal and the city and the player on site doesn't have such huge losses it takes them a week to rebuild before they can help someone else.


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Re: Taking A LVL 10 NPC

Post by garift on Wed Sep 09 2009, 12:44

i took a lvl 10 with mainly arch,first wave90k archplus ball,but after that,26k archand one of each,only used four heros,in the end,nearly ran out of arch was down to sending23k,took it in about 3-4 hours.maybe it was beginners luck,but it did not seem that hard.the only other thing i did was scouted till i was going against a low lvl hero at first


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Re: Taking A LVL 10 NPC

Post by captara on Thu Sep 10 2009, 00:10

Wow, 3 to 4 hours. Thats a long time. Should not take more than just over an hour. Yes, Souting is important and, was not mentioned. Definetly scout for a low hero. Once you scout a hero with lvl 15 or less, don't scout no more and start the attacks.

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Post by Palleman on Thu Sep 10 2009, 12:19

I also think an hour is a normal time to calculate on... I´ve done it in approx 30 min once. But fr 4 cities and around 380k arch, but to do that u need all cities close.. Maby not a normal scenario...


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Re: Taking A LVL 10 NPC

Post by garift on Sun Sep 13 2009, 06:09

yea your prob right,i was sat with sweaty palms.hope u dont think i was being negative,just think maybe people tend to over complicate attacks on lvl 10would like to see your views on farming lvl 10


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Re: Taking A LVL 10 NPC

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