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Post by captara on Tue Sep 08 2009, 22:34

Everyone needs food. Want to help out. This is how u get more food and resources to help out alliance.

How do you do it easiy.

1) Make a list of NPC 5 farms around you
2) Build transports and Ballistas
3) Attack all NPC 5's with 450 Transports and 550 ballistas. You do this you get zero losses. Yes zero. What do you get. You get 3 mill food and 100kplus of each resource.

So if you have lvl 9 feasting hall, this allows you to send 8 attacks to NPC 5's. Thats 24 million food and about 1 million of each resource. Do this at every city and it just compounds. Now remember this , that NPC farms regenerates resources every 8 hours. So after 8 hours you can do this agan. As long as someone else is not farming these npc's you will have a ton of resources.

You can also build your own NPC 5's around you. Look for a flat that is a lvl 5. As long as you have room to conquer another city you can take that flat an immediatly abandon it. Build Many NPC 5's around you, and have aprox 4k transporters and 5k ballistas you can be in good shape. It sounds easy but it take commitment and discipline every day to do this. It is alot of work, but your food headaches will go away.

Cheers to all


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NCP area

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 09 2009, 07:16

this is where you may post about NCP attacks and so forth


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